Academic Programs

The Department of Geography and Environmental Studies offers several undergraduate and graduate (master's and doctoral) academic degree programs, as well as opportunities for post-doctoral studies.

B.A. programs include options for both day and evening studies in order to provide study opportunities to working students and others. Master's degree programs include general research (thesis) and non-research (non-thesis) options, as well as a number of specialized programs, including specializations in emergency and disaster management, tourism planning and management, water resources, and a program for teachers of environmental geography.   A Ph.D. program is available for students interesting in doctoral research.  The Department also hosts post-docs in relevant fields.

A full list of the Department's degree programs is provided below.

For a schematic outline of the academic and administrative organizational structure of the study program (including relevant committees) click here.



• Single major
• Double major (day track)
• Double major (evening studies track) 



• General (research or non-research tracks) 
• Emergency and Disaster Management (research or non-research tracks) 
• Environmental Geography for Teachers (non-research track only)
• Tourism Management and Planning (research or non-research tracks) 
• Water Studies (research or non-research tracks) 



The Department offers doctoral studies for outstanding graduate students seeking to advance research in the field. Students are encouraged to contact faculty members in their relevant fields or the department administrative offices for more details. 



The Department of Geography and Environmental Studies welcomes scholars seeking post-doctoral research and teaching opportunities.  For those interested, please contact the department or specific faculty members directly.  For general information about post-doc opportunities at the University of Haifa click here.